Our Facility

Our Facilities

AAS is currently running eight rehabilitation centers in Karachi and one in Lahore. These rehabilitation units are comfortable and secure, for each of the areas is monitored via security and surveillance systems. Our services include fulltime, residential primary treatment and aftercare for adults and underprivileged children. These units help recovered patients to educate themselves, develop their skills, and find employment.

Children’s Primary Unit
CPU accommodates children for 3 months for primary care with regular counseling sessions. Healthy diet, recreational activities and medical treatment are crucial components of this stage.

Children Half-way House
CHH is a full-time residential facility for around 1 year with rehabilitation program along with providing education and vocational training.

Children’s School House
CSH provides formal education and skills development. It is primarily focused toward a progressive growth for our counselee children.

AAS Recovery Centre
provides a safe and secure environment to full-paying clients, who suffer from substance abuse, but want to reenter society as empowered, healthy individuals.

Adult Primary Unit
2 APUs are operational in Karachi & Lahore. Here, patients undergo a 3-month detoxification-cum-rehabilitation program as their primary treatment. (The unit in Lahore works in collaboration with the Indus Health Network.)

Adult Half-way House
AHH accommodates adult residential and day-care patients both. Here, patients receive group therapy and counseling.

Female Centre
Female Centre was created as a response towards the increasing problem of homeless women. The Trust’s gender specific addiction treatment helps to addresses women’s needs and associated psychological concerns.

آس گھر
The Night shelter provides a safe place to destitute children so that they can spend their nights comfortably. They also enjoy breakfast in the morning, and have the liberty to avail new clothes.