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About AAS

AAS Trust is a private nonprofit organization, in Karachi, that provides treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare focused toward street-children and adults (male/female) suffering from alcohol, substance addiction, trauma and abuse.


To be a leading authority in the field of addiction and its related subjects, within Pakistan; and to be internationally recognized as providers of treatment, education.


The ultimate purpose of providing personalized care to a patient is to reintegrate them into their family and society, after they recover from the disease of substance abuse and/or trauma.

Our Facilities

Each centre is comfortable and secure. The facilities offered here include full-time, residential Primary Treatment Centres for underprivileged children.
Rehabilitation Centers
Patients Served

Our Model

Catering to the most needy
Embedding schools in the heart of urban slums & rural communities
Purpose-built schools
All female faculty & a 50% female student gender ratio
Ensuring a high quality of education
Holistic student development & alumni support
Uplifting the entire community
Professional Management

AAS Facilities Centers

AAS is currently running eight rehabilitation centers in Karachi and one in Lahore. These rehabilitation units are comfortable and secure, for each of the areas is monitored via security and surveillance systems. Our services include fulltime, residential primary treatment and aftercare for adults and underprivileged children. These units help recovered patients to educate themselves, develop their skills, and find employment.

AAS Training & Workshops

Our education programme is designed to deliver superior learning outcomes
Customized Text Books
In-depth teacher training
Quality Assurance

AAS Volunteer and Alumni Programmes

Our volunteer and alumni programmes aim for holistic development of our students
Rahbar Programme is designed to mentor & empower AAS students
Alumni Development Programme prepares AAS alumni for admission in some of the finest universities
We conduct career counselling sessions with our graduating students to help them attain their academic & professional goals
Summer Camp engages and develops Primary school students through games & other drama-based activities

AAS Community Programmes

Our community programmes are focused on developing
thriving communities around our schools

Our Aagahi Programme imparts functional literacy skills to women in school communities
We install water purification plants to provide clean water
We are providing vocational training to expand economic opportunities for women

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AAS News & Stories

Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed started taking drugs when he was twelve. His father wanted him to work as a labourer to earn money for his family of 8