Chairman’s Message

Mr. Abdul Rehman Allana


It has been a long journey since the inception of AAS Trust. Seeing addiction in people very close to me, triggered the motivation to start AAS Trust, providing the best treatment for the addicts suffering due to a dearth of addiction rehabilitation centres in Pakistan, and since then, have never looked back. After a passage of a couple of years, I vividly remember seeing the unshed tears and the traumatic expression in the eyes of a 9 year old addict on the streets, more than anything, I could see the anger at his helplessness. Having seen this I realized that there was an immediate need for a centre focused on street-children and that is how our children’s centre came about. Today, treatment is provided completely free of cost to these children.

Starting these rehabilitation centres was not a task on my list. It is my passion; passion for recovery and helping others help themselves.

Addiction is a disease, and a disease that engulfs the entire family and not just the addict. Hence, our treatment program entails family awareness and counselling, therefore not just touching the lives of those in treatment, but through the ripple effect, many more.

Having understood that addiction has no boundaries, knowing that it can affect anyone, regardless of their age, sex, education or upbringing, we aim to make quality treatment accessible for everyone. After all, what is the cost of saving a human life? The rewards gained from transforming a life of addiction into a life of recovery, are immeasurable and well worth the effort.

I am grateful for the support of everyone who has been a part of this remarkable journey. I am also thankful to our Board of Trustees for rendering valuable advice and to our committed staff for their exceptional work. I would also like to acknowledge the donors that have made contributions and look forward to their continued trust in us as we forge ahead in a very challenging task.